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Doyoucare: I wonder sometimes.........

female, 47 y/o, MELBOURNE, Australia
Activity: 1552 day(s) ago

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  • 11 Apr 2015 at 11:27pm
    Kali Anastasi...xo
  • 15 Jan 2015 at 02:30pm
    Hello how are you , I hope your having a wonderful and great day . All the best for for the new year may it bring lots of love , joy and happiness . After reading your profile I very much keen and impressed with interests . If your interested in me too send me a message . I'll be overwhelmed with excitement and I will be able to reply you back and we take from there, even exchanging email addresses . We can develop a friendship and actually meet over a conversation and coffee at a cafe or restaurant that will be an ideal first date . Perhaps we take it even further and see if we connect see if we can develop some chemistry with a romantic candle light dinner or walk to the beach/park would be nice and very much a romantic scene . I wish you all the best and take care !!! I hope to hear from you soon !!!!
    Cheers ,
  • 31 Oct 2014 at 11:19pm
    Hello, how are you? I'm Con
  • 30 Apr 2014 at 08:30pm
    Hello Doyoucare
    I think you look amazing , I think I can relate with the ups and downs of life,
    Things are finally looking up for me and I sincerely hope your life is truly joyous and exciting. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being neat and clean. I like the discipline involved ands its a all bit of common sense really.
    Kindest Regards